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2011-07-04 15:27:12 by SquireMaldoon

Goodbye to my good friend Iwan Lammas who died in a motor cycle accident. You will be sadly missed bro.


2010-11-30 03:32:43 by SquireMaldoon

Currently developing my first proper flash game. Hopefully it won't take too long to finish off. Based on my oldest cartoon (So old that only a handful of my friends have ever seen the episodes). The fact that I've made time to work on this game is nothing short of a miracle. I'm really excited about this one, it'll be my second upload this year (On Newgrounds), and with a bit of luck and skill I hope to make it my best scoring project on this site.



2010-06-08 17:06:19 by SquireMaldoon

Hey Hey, Check this link out. c7de69ced5f7a59b19.html<a href="

New Stuff`

2010-05-04 09:10:48 by SquireMaldoon

I'm currently working on 3 new projects. Experiencing some technical problems atm. Hopefully have one finished soon.